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Sidecar Fitting


The potential variations of motorcycles attached to sidecars means that there are often differences from one sidecar outfit to another, making each resultant vehicle potentially unique. There are differing views about aspects of sidecar fitting, although some basics are usually followed.

The sidecar community can provide lots of useful information, much of this being available through the internet. There is regular debate on what some might consider is the "black art" of attaching a sidecar to a motorcycle. An awareness of the considerations and views of sidecar enthusiasts is probably as good a way as any to learn about sidecars generally.

Even if you never intend to actually fit a sidecar to a motorcycle personally, trusting another to do it for you, it does no harm to be informed. It could serve to assist your understanding and enjoyment, as well as help in matters of reliability and safety.

The Adventure Rider website "Hacks" section is probably second to none in respect of information, insight, and debate about sidecars.

Notably, it has lengthy, but worthwhile forum threads on sidecar design and fitting. Useful, thought provoking debates with potentially useful information.

Videos that might assist with the attachment of a sidecar to various motorcycles can be found on YouTube. Some may be found elsewhere such as Vimeo, although there may be cost implications to utilise.

Searching for various levels of advice, tips, suggestions, etc is all about trying different combinataions of words. For example;

sidecar fitting instructions
sidecar attachment
sidecar alignment

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